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    ok, i can understand the impersonations and stuff. But the Andre 3000 one, he was dressing up as him because they were...
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    There IS a huge issue with ignorance and racism in Kpop and in the Korean entertainment industry in general… but I don’t...
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    Estoy realmente cansada de este tema…¿por qué los estadounidenses se creen que todo el mundo tiene que conocer su...
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    I’m just gonna add my comment to the actual original post. Of course, there are some things in the content of this...
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    I’m gonna be honest, and say as a Korean-American, and as a Black-American, and a K-pop fan, I was actually more...
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    the “My Girl” thing isn’t… but if you’re gonna bring up blackface in Big Bang, there’s also Daesung :/ also GD has a...
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    i thought the gd blackface was on that “shit your oppas have done” list not the one kr made the one that circulated...
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